Damian Don Williams

Damian Don Williams is the author of Life with Figg A story on boarding school life. He also wrote Its Past 8 o’ clock, a novelette and several other poems and short stories.

Damian is based in Kolkata, India and and is a well known Anglo indian story writer. After having completed his education from La Martiniere College, Lucknow, he began pursuing his higher studies and took up writing as his part time hobby and career.

Besides fictional writing, he also writes blogs, screen plays and works as a content writer/ freelance writing.

Damian’s works

Damian has authored two books, a novelette and several other poems and short stories. He wrote his first book titled Truth Behind Love in 2017 when he was still a student a La Martiniere College.

In 2019, he wrote another book, which sparked him off as an author, Damian’s Life with Figg, talked about the fun of boarding school life and it was a hit.

He went on to start a series called The Reports of Raelynn with the first one being It’s Past 8 o’ clock in 2020.